What is Hash

What is Hash

Updated October 2020 - In this article we will give you the 411, the FAQs, the low-down on hash. Hash is known as the origin of the cannabis concentrates world. And like a fine wine it has only improved with age!

Hash (aka Hashish) is a concentrated form of marijuana that is usually enjoyed by joint, pipe, bong or hookah! It is made through the extraction of trichomes (resin and crystals) from dried cannabis flowers. Through the use of heat and pressure the trichomes are compressed and then formed into balls or cakes. This results in textures ranging from solid to paste-like. Besides a change in shape — there are also options of colours. Hash (hashish) can be found in reddish-brown to black or dark yellow/cannabis green. The different forms or shapes and colour are what determine the specifications of the hash. We will go into more detail below.

What Is Hash

What is the THC content of hash?

Since hash is a direct extract of cannabis, it has a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. These are the compounds that are responsible for the taste/smell of marijuana and the psychoactive qualities, thus hash (hashish) is a stronger hit.

How much stronger is Hash?

It will vary depending on the type.

For your average hash, the THC levels range between 20-50%, depending on the strain and expertise of the crafter. However, there are more specialty types like bubble hash which has THC levels reaching 60%.

So now that you know the potency level, what is the best way to consume Hash? We will discuss the various marijuana accessories you can use.

How do you use hash?

One of the great things about hash is — you are not limited in how you can consume it. Of course, like all things consumed, it will result in a different effect.

Hash Edibles

Like marijuana – hash can be turned into an edible. The older form of consumption is to simply just eat the hash itself.

You read that correctly – you can simply just eat hash.

However, that is not the limit! Hash can always be ground down and used in various marijuana edibles, such as hash brownies, hash butter or hash gummies.

An important general rule to remember — when consuming hash via edibles, the potency is known to be five times stronger. Similar to weed edibles, the beginning effects can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

So why is it so strong? Well this is thanks to our liver. When our liver processes marijuana in its edible form it turns it into a more potent 11-hydroxy-metabolite.

What does that mean? Science.

how do you smoke hash?

For many — the joint is the only way to smoke. Thankfully that includes a good ol’ hash joint.

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. If your hash is brick hard, using something metal like a fork or key apply some heat to soften your hash. Using your hands, you can then crumble the hash and mix it with some dried flower. Of course, for the lighter smoke you could add some tobacco.
  2. If you are working with some paste-like texture hash (bubble hash), it can be coated on the outside of a joint — like the joint was dipped in paste.
  3. And for the adventurous type — mix it all together! A hash/dried flower joint dipped in paste.

If you prefer a bong/pipe …

If you are using a screen — you can simply place the hash on the screen, apply heat for a second or two and inhale! Working without a screen? Just add some dried flower first and then the hash.

It is important to remember that your goal is not to burn all of the hash right away, this would be waste. Instead you want to burn in small sections to get the best out of it.

If these methods don’t work — use the same joint method mentioned above to break down the hash and sprinkle in a bowl!

For the vaping audience …

  1. You are in luck! You can vape hash, however you will require a few tools to make this happen:
  2. A dry herb vaporizer
  3. Degummed hemp fibre
  4. Alcohol drenched cotton swabs

Click here for a full tutorial.

You can smoke it. You can eat it. You can vape it. And you can …

Drink Hash!

Lastly, you can actually add your hash to a beverage and create the traditional Indian drink known as bhang or one of the many varieties of cannabis tea. Check out our collection here!

Not familiar with bhang? Well it goes back to at least 2000 BC, and continues to this day. It is said to be beneficial for many different reasons such as helping with dysentery to sunstroke and even speech impediments.

Now that you know how to consume it — let’s take a look at how to make it.

How do you make hash?

You know those tiny, beautiful, little crystals all over your buds? Those are trichomes! They hold the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. These are the prize!

Using a three chamber grinder is an easy way to collect these beautiful crystals for later use. These are often referred to as ‘kief’ which, when applied with pressure and heat, you can create hash!

That is the simple explanation of how to make hash — but through strict application of heat and pressure you get the various types of hash. Here is a look at some of the most common types:

Finger Hash

This is the oldest way of making hash – a technique that is still used in India now.

Finger Hash Method
Hands after using Finger Hash method.

As the heading indicates, the primary tool for creating this type of hash is human hands. This is done by gently rubbing dried buds between your hands which then creates a sticky resin. The resin is then scraped off, collected and then prepared to be pressed into patties or bricks.

This is your standard brownish-black hash. Any remnants of green would indicate additional plant material.

Dry-Sift Hash

Also created by hand, however this is with the use of a woven screen to create fiction. So using one’s hands, you rub the dried plants against a woven screen creating friction, forcing trichomes to fall in a collection tray.

You now have a collection of kief — the beginning stages of hash. Using a mechanical press — the kief is then pressed together to create a traditional hash.

Bubble Hash

As previously discussed, Bubble Hash, when properly made can produce 60% THC. Making it an equivalent to other concentrates, which require solvents to be made.

Bubble Hash is made by freezing cannabis plants, that way the terpene and cannabinoid- rich trichomes can be isolated.

Here is a quick step by step of the process:

  1. Bubble bags are placed into a bucket.
  2. Where water, ice, and cannabis are mixed in.
  3. The cannabis is then stirred in the very cold water, creating a thick mix.
  4. The mix is then passed through a mesh screen filter 3-5 times (this isolates the resins even more!)
  5. Finally, presses are used to create the final product.

Final Thoughts

Hash has been around for a long time and it is clear that it is not going anywhere! The various ways it can be made and consumed continue to be a draw for many consumers.

With its long history it also provides a more traditional and culturally backed cannabis experience.
We hope this guide has answered your questions, taught you something new or was just a fun read. Visit our concentrates section to see our hash catalogue!


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