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Shatter Bars, Grade AAAA Buds, Quadzilla has the best strains and Edibles In stock ready to for delivery within hours.

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We add Fresh Buds everyday and always have the best Edibles from Shatter, Essential Gummies, MaryJay Concentrates & Mushrooms. All products can be delivered same day!

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Sativa Strains & Sativa Dominant Hybrids Delivered Daily.

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Best Indica Strains & Indica Dominant Hybrid Strains available in Toronto West.

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AAAA grade Weed! We love trichomes crystals Don't you!

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Euphoria Extractions, Buudabomb, Essential Sour Gummies & Yummies!


Premium Hash, Gas Garden Live Resin & Mary Jay Shatter!

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Microdose Psilocybe, Alice Mushroom Gummy & Schedule35!

Toronto, Canada Dispensary - Quadzilla Cannabis Online

We Bring the Dispensary Near you! Quality Weed Delivery In Toronto West End.

Quadzilla Cannabis has top shelf weed, premium hash, your favourite edibles and of course all with same day delivery! If you keep looking for a dispensary near the Toronto West End, Quadzilla Cannabis Delivery will make sure you get fresh buds the same day. Just like the Uber of Weed, it’s easy to setup an account, shop and pay via EMT or Cash On Delivery, whatever works best for you. The next time you are looking for that northern high, check out Quadzilla cannabis! – Don’t forget, we love to stay educated and help educate our team & customers on our products and the industry. Check out our blog posts below! 

Latest Edibles, Indica & Sativa Strains!

Don't forget when you sign up you can use our weedmaps promo code "FT20"

Everything from budget buds and grade AAAA weed. Quadzilla offers the best and fastest dube delivery in The Toronto West End

Weedmaps Deal Toronto

Looking for a Discount Code for your next weed purchase! Use Code "FT20" In your Next Quadzilla Purchase

Toronto Weedmaps Promo Code For Quadzilla Cannabis! – Sign up and your first purchase gets 20% Off. 1 time use only. Look out for new promos coming soon including referrals and review promos!

Dispensary Review from Weedmaps Toronto - Quadzilla Cannabis

4.6 (182)

Our customers love us and our weed delivery service in Toronto West End! Share and tag @quadzillaofficial with your latest bud pics with us! Check us out on instagram and reddit!

I have tried so many different places and only one makes my top 3. Why you ask .. because really no one comes close to the service you get with Quadzilla. Always courteous from the people on the phones to the drivers. The quality and the selection is great. And the one time there was a mixup they fixed it so fast and gave me a little something for the inconvenience. They have the best customer service, never disappointed. I only recommend Quadzilla to my friends and family for all our Herbal Needs. Once you come here you’ll never go anywhere else for top quality product.
used many other services and have been let down by all at one time or another….. Except with Quadzilla… I understand the weed production process and get that it’s not perfect every time but when it comes to bud consistency and quality
Never been disappointed!
These guys are professionals. The quality and description of product are accurate. It’s hard to find a place on weedmaps with high-quality product like this.

Best Weedmaps Delivery In Toronto West

Top Rated Toronto Dispensary - Quadzilla cannabis offers Top Shelf Products Delivered in hours!

Weedmaps Toronto has lots of Dispensaries, like Northen High, GTA Herbal, Duber Deliver and CannaBee. The difference with Quadzilla is that we offer both Same Day Delivery and Canada Wide Shipping. This keeps our product moving and we always have fresh buds, edibles and hash.  If you find yourself looking for a storefront dispensary on weedmaps Toronto West, there are plenty to choose from. If you still prefer delivery or shipping and have not had success with fresh weed from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) then Quadzilla has you covered. Register with us (name, phone, govenrnment ID) and get 20% off using our weed deals code!

Weedmaps Toronto FAQ | Quadzilla Cannabis

Frequently Asked Questions About Quadzilla & Weedmaps

Yes. Delivery is available via Quadzilla Cannabis for Toronto East & West as well as North York and the rest of the GTA. 

Quadzilla Offers First time Users 20% Off! Additionally, we give weedmaps promo codes to use on QuadzillaCannabis.com when you review our products!

Yes. Because Toronto is part of Ontario, Canada it is legal to purchase, possess, and consume cannabis in this great city. 

In Toronto, Ontario consumers are limited to 30 grams of cannabis at any one time.

A high-quality cannabis product often priced to be the most expensive on a menu. In terms of cannabis flower, top-shelf will exhibit an aesthetically pleasing structure, demonstrate desirable terpene aromas and flavours, and have a high cannabinoid content. AAAA weed is alternately referred to as loud top shelf weed or loud weed for its potent fragrance and high quality.

Quadzilla always has Top Shelf AAAA Weed also know as Quads! Check out our selection on our Weedmaps Menu or right here on Quadzillacannabis.com

We Offer 3 Delivery Times During the Day every day and typically your order will delivered within hours. Make sure to pick a time slot that best works for you upon checkout!

Weedmaps has said that "later this year" it would begin requiring Canadian Dispensaries to provide a license number on their listing, and that it would restrict the use of its point-of-sale system, online orders, delivery logistics and other services to licensed businesses exclusively. Don't Worry.. Quadzilla Cannabis Delivery has you covered! Just visit our shop directly at quadzillacannabis.org

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