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Top Edibles To Buy In Canada In 2022

The top edibles in Canada in 2022 to try including our favourite edibles to help you sleep, stay productive or enjoy a nice summer trip.

Our Favourite edibles to Help Make 2022 feel way better than 2021 & 2020

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018 it was pretty obvious to most people, both consumers and lawmakers, that the want and need for cannabis edibles to be legalized would soon follow. And so it did! In 2019 we saw the legal cannabis world open its doors to the wonderful ride of edibles. 

You may be asking yourself – why edibles? Well, simply put, not everyone likes to smoke. Smoking can be uncomfortable for some, or perhaps they just don’t enjoy the taste. And not to mention the obvious health concerns related to ingesting any kind of smoke. So edibles are an obvious choice! Easy to consume, sometimes quite tasty and always offer a great trip. Edibles are amazing – but sometimes it can be hard to choose the right one. That is where we step in!

Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars

These bars are tried, tested and true! A popular amongst, well, pretty much everyone – the Euphoria Extractions Shatter bar is sure to deliver whatever high you are looking for. Each piece of chocolate yields approximately 10mg of shatter which is certain to give you a decent high. The bar itself is approximately 250mg of shatter with 24 pieces. Now you might be wondering, what is a shatter bar? How is this different from your regular THC edibles? It is really important to remember when eating the Euphoria Extraction Shatter bar you are consuming shatter – not just THC. Shatter is a cannabis concentrate and offers a stronger high than your good ol’ fashion THC cannabis. That is why one piece of this chocolate bar will leave you smiling, giggling and asking for all the treats! 

Essential Sour Gummies, 300 mg

These gummies – similar to the Euphoria Extraction Shatter bar – are tried, true and tested. Every customer that has purchased them has raved not only about the taste but the overall high as well. With four different flavour options these thc gummies will leave that sweet and sour taste in your mouth followed by a nice high. Each bag of Essential Sour Gummies holds 300 mg, 10 pieces and therefore 30 mg of THC per gummy. What exactly does that mean? Well, you might not need the whole piece. We recommend taking a bite of half to start and go from there. All edibles hit differently so it is recommended to start low and go slow!

Yummies, 300MG

Another crowd please edible are the delicious treats from Yummies. These gummies are offered in Sour cherry cola, sour peach or sour berry – just like those childhood candies you would get from your corner store. Each piece holds 50mg of THC which means – even more so than before – start low and go slow. You want the right high so half a piece will have you feeling something good! One thing we forgot to mention and probably the best part of these gummies is they are vegan with organic ingredients – this means anyone could enjoy them! And we know you will. 

Alice Mushroom Milk Chocolate, 2.5 grams

Looking for a different trip? Perhaps a trip down the rabbit hole? Well don’t you worry – we have just the product for you. Alice Mushroom Milk Chocolate edibles will provide you with a trip far beyond your imagination and enhance your day to day reality. These mushroom edibles are made with the use of Golden Teacher mushrooms which are a tried and true psychedelic. The bag itself holds 2.5 grams and each piece has 0.5 grams. If you are new to the mushroom world, just like edibles, we recommend you start low and go slow. After you first consume the chocolate wait until at least an hour before consuming more – no one likes a bad trip and too many mushrooms can do just that. Anticipate your high to last between 2-6 hours with the effects potentially lasting 8 hours. 

BuudaBombs Gummies, 250 mg

Looking for a trip down memory lane? Like, literally. Well these are the candies for you! Buudabomb gummies is offered in a Strawberry and Cream, Watermelon, Red Raspberry and Pineapple flavour these gummies will have you reminiscing about warm summer days eating candy under the sun – however these will have you feeling a very different way after an hour or so. Made with all vegan and organic ingredients, these gummies are good for anyone to consume. Each piece yields approximately 25mg of THC which is a good starting point for many cannabis consumers. 

Fat Boy Gummies, 300 mg

New to the Quadzilla family, but clearly becoming a family favourite – the Fat Boy gummies will have you flying high and feeling good. These gummies are offered in the very familiar Coke bottle flavour and design which will have pretty much any consumer feeling nostalgic for the past. What is special about these treats is the punch that they pack! Yielding 50mg of THC per gummy you are sure to get hit good and hard if you choose to consume a whole piece. As stated before, and we will state again, it is not recommended to take the entire edible all at once – instead a bite or cutting off a piece will be best. 

Euphoria Extractions Indica Chocolate Chip Cookie, 100mg

Who said you can’t eat cookies in bed? Well, they certainly have not tried Euphoria Extractions Indica chocolate chip cookie – because this cookie is your bed’s best friend. Yielding a strong 7 grams of Cannabutter Indica cannabis this cookie will leave you feeling relaxed, at peace and ready to catch some zzz’s. Now with 7 grams of Indica you will need to take it slow – we highly recommend that you try out just half of the cookie to get started. This will certainly aid in whatever relaxing activity you have planned. 

Alice Cherry/Raspberry/Green Apple Mushroom Gummy – 1 gram

Need a new perspective? New ideas? New focus? Well the Alice Cherry Mushroom gummy is the edible for you. This mushroom edible is perfect for the consumer who is looking for that next level, out of this world trip. Offered in this Cherry gummy form it provides a sweet, chewy flavour that thankfully hides the mushroom taste. Using the Golden Teacher mushrooms you are sure to hit a high that will have you escaping this reality for one so much better! Wherever your mind wanders – just remember, stay safe, start low and go slow!

Euphoria Extractions Sativa Chocolate Chip Cookie

For those looking for that sweet treat to mentally enhance their next walk or hike – we highly recommend the Euphoria Extractions Sativa Chocolate Chip Cookie. With 6 grams of Cannabutter this cookie is guaranteed to enhance your surroundings – wherever that might be! Euphoria Extractions uses the Great White Shark strain to make its Sativa Cannabutter – and what that means is you are getting a quality butter. Great White Shark is known for a strong body buzz, and an overall euphoric state. This cookie will leave you feeling both mentally and physically at peace. 

Boost THC, 300 mg

These little treats offer a delicious taste and a decent punch! Whether you are preparing for a hike, or settling in for a long movie night these THC gummies are sure to enhance your experience. Offered in sour watermelon, sour apple, cherry or strawberry there is something for everyone. Each gummy yields 15mg of THC which is a great place to start for pretty much everyone. Boost takes great pride in the consistency of their product and offers uniform pieces. Not only do the treats offer a great high, but the tin is useful for future use. You can’t go wrong with Boost – no matter what you are doing!

Euphoria Extractions CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie

Perhaps you are not looking for that psychedelic mind high – well we have got you taken care of. Euphoria Extraction has also worked to create a CBD cookie – the ultimate way to relax and unwind. Holding 7 grams of CBD cannabutter this cookie, even just half of it, will provide you with whatever relief you are looking for. If it is muscle pain you hope to cure, this will work! If it is just a general relaxing feeling you are aiming to achieve – this cookie will set you right. 

Euphoria Extractions Indica/Sativa Shatter Brownies

Offered in both an Indica dominant or Sativa dominant batter – these brownies are sure to hit you in just the way you want. These cannabis brownies are freshly baked with delicious chocolate which can be quite the appeal to some who are not fans of the earthy, weedy flavour you sometimes get with edibles. These brownies don’t just taste good, but will also leave you with a sense of enlightenment and overall a better state of well-being. What more could you ask for! 

Euphoria Extractions Shatter Chews

And last – but certainly not least is Euphoria Extractions Shatter Chews which are the perfect solution for your edible needs. With 6 chews, these gummies are easy to manage, and contain a potent 240mg of Lab Tested Full Spectrum Extract sourced from the finest cannabis available. Euphoria Shatter Chews are guaranteed to provide total satisfaction. 20 mg of Shatter THC being offered in each piece means start low and go slow!

Best Edibles to buy in 2022

The world of edibles is just going to continue to grow and evolve. As people become more comfortable with the effects of THC and CBD it is clear that experimenting its use will do just the same! Who knows what kinds of edibles we will have in 5 years from now, but what we do know is that we are here for it and will happily help guide the way. 



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