Smoking Weed vs Vaping – Which one is better for you?

Over the past few years vaping has grown in popularity for many different reasons. Let’s explore why vaping might be the better cannabis consuming option for you!

In 2018 the cannabis community officially changed – with the introduction of legal weed came all kinds of new strains, products and even methods of consuming cannabis. One of the biggest questions that has hit the cannabis community is – which is better smoking weed or vaping? We are here to talk about both!

It is no shock that smoking is not good for you – we’ve been hearing it for years. And there is more than enough evidence to support this. Although smoking weed is not equivalent to smoking cigarettes there are still significant consequences. 

Research has proven that smoking weed can cause damage to airways in the lungs over time. 

But – let’s be honest, people love smoking weed. Rolling a joint and heading out for the perfect hike or packing a full bowl – cannabis consumers love it! But over time we have come to learn that this is not the best way to consume cannabinoids to your system. 

That brings up vaping – over the past few years vaping has grown in popularity for many different reasons. Let’s explore why vaping might be the better cannabis consuming option for you!

Vaping vs. Smoking – Why does vaping feel better than smoking?

Smoking cannabis is just not good for you. Although not directly connected to any specific diseases it cannot be denied that the act of smoking can cause damage over time. 

Vaping can save you from the potential consequences of smoking. Vaporization helps save your lungs and therefore your health by avoiding the inhalation of tar and embers from too much heat while smoking. 

the key differences between vaping and smoking:

More cannabis for your money

No one wants to waste their stash – but let’s be honest we all know that when you smoke you always waste some of it. That is why vaping is ideal – there is little to no loss of weed. Instead the burning is so efficient you will find you are getting more bang for your buck! Vaporization also provides an 80% saving of cannabinoids and terpenes – offering the best and most cost effective high. 

No smoke – less smell

Using heat creates smoke – it’s science. So when you choose to vape you are not burning your weed – instead you are getting it to reach the perfect temperature that releases the active chemical compounds. These compounds will then turn into a steam that you inhale. It is ideal to have temperature customization when vaping – this is sometimes a feature on vapes. The standard vaping temperature is 330 to 370 F – anything around the 445 F mark will burn. 

Safer High

Smoking causes carcinogens and since you are not burning your weed when you vape you are immediately limiting the bad chemicals you inhale into your body. It has been said that when smoking weed you are inhaling benzene, toluene, and naphthalene – all known carcinogens. Vaping does not produce these chemicals and therefore is better for you. 

A Higher High

There are many people that proudly state that the high from vaping is better – and we kinda agree. Not only does vaping provide a better and cleaner high – it also offers a tastier high! For those who look to taste the different aromas of cannabis vaping is ideal. The perfect temperature will release the terpenes natural chemicals and therefore releasing the beautiful flavours of the strain. 

Smoking Made Right For You

       When choosing a vaporizer, as mentioned before, the ideal vape will allow you to customize the temperature you burn at – this is ideal. When you get to choose the temperature you also get to choose the potency of the psychoactive compounds. The rule is pretty simple – the higher the temperature, the higher you are. But for those considering the health benefits of vaping – lower temperatures can protect lungs, throat and mouth irritation. 

The Downfalls of Vaping

It is only fair to present the full story – so we need to chat about the downfalls or flaws of vaping. No one is perfect. 

  • The first challenge or obstacle is the learning curve – it is best to buy from an educated place and that may take some time and research. 
  • Vaping comes with a high price tag in the beginning – the equipment is expensive. The burning is efficient, but you need the right equipment to make that happen.
  • Research is minimal – vaping is somewhat new so there is still more research needed on health benefits
  • Vaping doesn’t work for everyone. 

Final Thoughts

So – at the end of the day it is simple, if you are concerned about the health impacts of smoking weed you might want to try out vaping. The benefits outweigh any of the doubts or unknowns that exist today. Sure you have to pay a little bit more to get started – but there is nothing wrong with investing in your health. Self care is important – so get yourself a vape and enjoy your cannabis in the healthiest way possible!


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