Sugar Punch


THC – 25%
CBD – 0.85%


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Sugar Punch is an even hybrid strain with some claiming a slightly more Sativa like effect. This tasty bud has a mouthwatering punch to the mouth, with strong sweet berry and citrus candy flavors that mix beautifully and linger on the tongue long after smoking. The nugs carry a sweet fruity smell but with a hint of earth that is very pleasant to behold. Immediately after toking you’ll be smashed with a mildly uplifted cerebral euphoria that’s incredibly hazy and leaves you distant and spacey. This effect quickly becomes sedative, lulling you into a dreamy state of introspection that eventually pulls you into bright dreams and a deep and peaceful sleep. Because of these relaxing effects, Sugar Punch is said to be perfect for treating chronic anxiety or stress, insomnia, chronic pain, mood swings, and mild to moderate cases of depression.

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