Pre Rolled Large 5-Pack


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0.75 – 1 Gram each roll

5 pre rolls in pack.

Enjoy hassle-free smoking!


1 review for Pre Rolled Large 5-Pack

  1. S M. (verified owner)

    A little history; Pre-rolls have always seemed like a wasteful gimmick to me. Whether getting them from storefront dispensaries or MOMs or delivery services I had never had a good pre-roll that smoked properly. They always seemed to be made with the worst weed and stuffed with fillers and given away as extra treats instead of being an actual product the company was offering. I also consider myself a pretty good joint roller “so why buy pre-rolled when I can do it perfectly myself?” was my way of thinking. But these pre-rolls from Quadzilla are fucking incredible, they changed my entire perspective on the idea of buying prepared joints versus bags of flower. The package says Gorilla Glue – and other weed stores take note of this – it’s actually Gorilla Glue in the joint, from tip to filter. I know it sounds silly but a company being legit and on the level is actual innovation in this industry. These pre-rolls are half the reason I keep coming back to Quadzilla – the other half is the pitch perfect customer service. Buy these, you can not go wrong.

    • Quadzilla Cannabis A.

      Wow! Thank you for this awesome detailed review! Love it! We’ll definitely try to keep up with the pre-rolls!

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