Phantom OG

Hybrid – AAA
THC – 27.5%
CBD – 0.90%

The high from Phantom OG tends to creep up on the smoker, with an initial cerebral high that assists in concentration on complicated or analytical tasks. It may also lift inhibitions on creativity, inspiring work on open-ended creative projects. In social settings, Phantom OG’s mental stimulation can even spill over into lively conversation, even when used among relative strangers. After some time, Phantom OG introduces a physical high to temper its cerebral effects. Relaxation may trickle down leading smokers to enjoy this strain’s more relaxing second phase. Phantom OG’s flowers give off a mostly earthy aroma, with hints of fresh pine needles some saying they smell tangy lemon. The strain burns with a surprisingly smooth smoke when combusted in a pipe or a joint. On the exhale, this rich strain tastes of pine and citrus and leaves behind the general impression of wood polish. Phantom OG’s combination of mental and physical properties can have several uses for medical cannabis patients who can use the strain to aid with ADD, stress and depression, physical aches and pains and headaches. Phantom OG is also great for assisting with appetite issues. However, because it can result in some paranoid and obsessive patterns of thinking in the wrong set and setting, the strain is not recommended for patients who are inexperienced with THC or who are prone to panic.

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