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Looking for a Canadian Online Dispensary in Halifax. Quadzilla Cannabis has you covered. We have fresh strains added daily plus lots of edibles, mushrooms, hash, concentrates and more.

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Our Halifax online Dispensary has New Products added Daily, Plus all your favourite strains like OG Kush, Pink Kush, Sour Diesel, Wedding Cake strain & more. We always carry Your Favourite edibles like Euphoria Extracts, plus vapes, Concentrates & CBD.

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Quadzilla carries true Quads! AAAA Grade Weed Delivered to Halifax

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Halifax, Nova scotia Dispensary - Quadzilla Cannabis Canada

Halifax has many dispensaries to choose from. If you are looking for True Quads, Hash or Edibles Try Quadzilla Cannabis Mail Order Marijuana

So why buy your weed online in Halifax? Well, why not! You are getting the best products, the easiest access and it will enhance your time no matter what you do. With the easy registration process on Quadzilla, it will be easy for you to get started. Please take some time to check out our curated catalogue that, just like Halifax, has something for everyone! 

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Our Canadian Online Dispensary Ships Orders within 24 hours. Buy Weed Online from Us and get 20% off your first order.

Halifax Dispensary Near Me – Halifax has something for everyone! Whether it is a natural escape you are looking for or an adventure in Canadian history – Halifax has so much to offer. The location on the east coast provides beautiful views, a fresh ocean breeze and a laid back lifestyle. And one way you can enhance any Halifax experience is by enjoying it with a little bit of green. Ever since 2018, the ability to legally purchase online has gotten exponentially easier – however, there is still some lack of convenience. By ordering your weed online with Quadzilla you will get to experience the beauty and history of Halifax without having to worry about where you are going to get your cannabis!

Quadzilla is ready to assist any visitor or resident of Halifax to get their hands on the greatest goods out there in the cannabis community. Whether you are looking for something for recreational use or perhaps you need some medicinal assistance, we have what you are looking for. And can guarantee that whatever you choose it will improve your overall life or stay in Halifax!

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Top Indica Strains Canada 2022

Top Indica Strains of 2022

Welcome to the world of Indica strains! Since legalization the cannabis world continues to grow and that includes specific strains. Today we want to break down some of the best Indica strains in Canada in 2022

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Looking for Halifax Weed Deals?

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If this is your first time purchasing with Quadzilla Cannabis, use our Nova Scotia Weedmaps Promo Code to get 20% off your first purchase. If you need any help get in touch on our contact page, or reach out to us on reddit & instagram @quadzillaofficial

Weed dispensaries are pretty much everywhere – and that is not limited to Nova Scotia or Halifax. You can certainly walk down the street to your local dispensary to grab whatever cannabis consumables you are looking for. But, why bother when you can just order from the comfort of your home? Not only does ordering your weed online offer you the opportunity to pick out your goods while still binge-watching your favourite Netflix show – but it also offers the opportunity for anonymity. Yes, weed is legal and dispensaries are popping up everywhere, but that does not mean that everyone wants to be buying in person. Buying weed online makes life so much easier – no need to worry about what your neighbours might think!

Not only do we offer ease of access and anonymity – but we also have a much better selection of dry cannabis flowers, CBD goods and even some mushroom edibles. We are constantly updating our curated catalogue to represent the needs and wants of our customers. Being able to look through all of our products online allows customers to make an informed weed purchase – which is so necessary with so many options out there today!

Why buy Weed Online from Quadzilla?

Canadian Online Dispensary - Quadzilla Cannabis is a trusted Mail Order Marijuana site.

Located on the east coast gives Halifax that naturally laid back feeling, a place where time just doesn’t move as fast as the hustle and bustle – and buying your weed online is just another way for you to embrace that east coast slow living! By ordering your weed online you can make sure that you do it at your own convenience, on your own schedule and without interrupting any kind of relaxation or schedule you might have. So put on your favourite show, open up your laptop and check out Quadzilla’s catalogue for some of the best strains, cannabis edibles and other products out there.

When buying weed online another benefit is always making sure that you get to buy what you want – no need to jump from one dispensary to another. Instead, you can consult our online support hosts about when your strain might be coming in or perhaps what the best alternative might be! By ordering weed online you get to do it in a comfortable setting with all of the necessary information at your fingertips.

Halifax Dispensaries FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Quadzilla & Nova Scotia Canada Dispensaries

With so many choices, it's a tough question to answer. At Quadzilla, our goal is to become the definitive answer to that question. Need help looking for the right product? check us out on reddit or instagram. Or simply use our contact form. 

Quadzilla is one of the best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries. Here is why:

  • Top Shelf Cannabis strains
  • Best AAAA Grade Weed (true quads)
  • Canada Post Tracking Information with every order
  • Customer Support via chat, txt, phone or email. You can even DM us on instagram or reddit!
  • We ship orders ASAP
  • 1st order discount (20%)
  • We stay educated on cannabis and the cannabis insdustry (check out blog here)

We ship out orders the same day or within 24 hours. Quadzilla uses discreet metal cans for packaging to ensure freshness and orders ship via Canada post right away!

As mentioned before - Halifax has a lot to offer, whether you are a resident or just visiting Halifax has something for everyone. If you have just purchased one of the beautiful cannabis dry flowers from Quadzilla you might want to consider heading to Halifax’s North End to satisfy those munchies. In the North End you will find yourself surrounded by edgy restaurants, cuisine crafted from local and fresh ingredients. We highly recommend you try the traditional Donair with that special Donair sauce - you won’t regret it! Or perhaps you skipped the munchy stage and you are looking for more of a relaxing outside adventure - head down to Halifax’s waterfront to enjoy the stunning ocean views, and true sense peace. Or maybe you are looking for an adventure into the past - well Halifax has many different historical sites to see such as the Canadian Museum of Immigration or the Halifax Citadel. Like we said - something for everyone!

Cannabis News Nova Scotia, Canada

Industry News, Quadzilla Reviews, and Cannabis Education From All Over Canada

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