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How long do Edibles last?

The consumption of edibles can be tricky - how long do edibles last? How long does it take for edibles to kick in? In this guide we will answer these questions.

The effects of Edibles – Eating Weed

The way you consume determines the kind of high you will experience. In this article we will focus on why eating cannabis is so different from smoking or vaping. The consumption of edibles can be tricky — how long will it last? When will I feel the effects? In this guide we will answer these questions. 

Like any high, you want it to be a good one — let your guide help you have that relaxing, body buzz edibles are so well known for!

CBD and THC in Edibles

It is understood that the benefits that derive from CBD do not result in any kind of psychoactive or impairing — so over consumption is not of great concern. That is not to say that there are no side effects — it has been recorded that an over consumption of CBD can result in diarrhea and headaches. 

The over consumption of THC is a concern — the result of this is what we know as greening out. THC is of greater concern because of its ability to alter our consciousness. The problem with over consuming THC is the effect it can have — a decent sized dose can provide a light, carefree feeling, while too much could create paranoia or anxiety. 

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Why is eating weed different than smoking it?

It is of no surprise that the way in which you ingest your cannabis will deliver a different high — but why is the high when taking edibles so different? To give you a short and simple answer — edibles are different because the absorption occurs differently, through the digestive tract rather than the lungs. 

Smoking — allows you to absorb THC through the lungs and then it enters your bloodstream. From there, the compounds move throughout the brain and body — slowly breaking down and diminishing over time. 

Eating – allows the THC to first be ingested orally and then absorption happens within the intestines. The THC passes directly through the liver and into the bloodstream — this is known as first-pass metabolism. Through this process the THC is actually changed into a different version (11-OH-THC).

It is important to note that a similar process does occur when smoking weed, however the ratio and amount absorbed is the distinct difference. 

So what’s so special about 11-OH-THC? Research shows that 11-OH-THC has a better ability to enter the brain and create psychoactive effects. It is understood that 11-OH-THC is at least three times stronger than the average THC — some 11-OH-THC going as high as seven times more potent. And this is the reason why understanding how to consume edibles is so important. It is believed that an oral dose of cannabis yields 1:4-6 stronger than your inhaled dose. 

How long do Edibles take to work?

It is a well known fact that the effects of edibles take a lot longer than any cannabis inhaled — but why does it take so long? When smoking, you can expect to feel some impact within seconds to minutes. With edibles, it can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour before you feel the effects. Now how fast the edible works and how long it lasts does depend on several factors — it is understood that some variables can be how much sleep you have had, your experience, your body type, and even what you had to eat that day. With that being said, it is understandable why there is no set guideline as to how long it will take before you feel the effects of edibles. 

How Long does the high from Edibles last?

It is understood that when those effects do hit you — they can last for a long time! But how long is too long? And how can you manage this? 

It is believed that a good inhalation high can last anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours. And its counterpart the edible — well that high can last up to 12 hours. There have been situations where individuals who took rather high doses felt the effects for as long as 24 hours. 

Now to break down exactly how high you will get and how long it will last you can refer to an edibles dosage chart — however this is more useful when producing edibles rather than simply consuming. 

If you have concerns about the longevity of your high or how high you may feel there is one simple rule to follow — start low and go slow. 

For newbies — it is recommended to start with as low of a dose as possible, 2.5 mg should be a good starting point. It is recommended that you wait to feel the effects before you choose to take another dose, on the other hand we actually recommend not taking multiple doses at all. As previously discussed, over consuming edibles can lead to paranoia and anxiety — which is the exact opposite effect you are trying to achieve. 

Strong Edibles

Rather than consuming multiple doses, just make a note for the next time you decide to get high — maybe up your game to 4.5-5 mg. Multiple doses can lead to a variety of issues — and those issues can impact you the following day leaving you to not be able to properly function. So as we said, start low and go slow!

what kind of edible should I buy? 

Like so many other cannabis products today, there are endless options when ordering edibles online in Canada. And it is the same for edibles — you can choose your delicious chocolates, brownies, cookies and gummies or strong edibles! Whatever your taste palate prefers — it has been turned into an edible. 

Some of our favourite edibles include: 

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Quadzilla Cannabis Edibles – https://quadzillacannabis.org/product-category/edibles/

Final Thoughts

The reality is — not everyone likes to smoke, so having edibles as a secondary high option is great! But don’t forget the most important advice, start low and go slow!



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