Is Cannabis Good For Sex

Does Smoking Weed Lead to Better Sex?

Extracurricular stimulants and sex go hand and hand together like bread and butter. But does cannabis enhance or take away from our activities in the bedroom?

How Cannabis alters the sexual experience

Common sense would tell us that cannabis has long been used during sexual activity. Research continues into cannabis and its benefits in and out of the bedroom. There is no shortage of anecdotal information that using cannabis to reduce anxiety, paired with a sexual encounter, could improve experiences and lead to improved satisfaction, orgasm, and desire. THC can alter the perception of time which may prolong the feelings of sexual pleasure.
Toronto based sex and relationship therapist, Carlyle Jansen comments, “there’s CBD which reduces pain and discomfort, so that’ll make a difference for a lot of people. It also calms the nerves. A lot of people take CBD for anxiety. THC generally helps us to feel more relaxed, this is key to pleasure, arousal, satisfaction. The dosage is important. You can’t begin to appreciate the effects of this potent combination if you’re “greening out””.

A Study with Women

Researchers in a sexual medicine study surveyed levels of satisfaction in women with respect to drive, orgasm, lubrication, and overall sexual experience, as well as the frequency of marijuana use. In total, 34% of 373 participants surveyed reported using marijuana before sex, with most noting increases in sex drive, improved orgasm, and decreased pain.

A Study with Men

Some men find that their sexual performance improves when they use marijuana. For instance, if men become less anxious, they may have better ejaculatory control.
For some men, marijuana use and sexual dysfunction could be linked.
Moderate use of cannabis (marijuana) does not cause erectile dysfunction, but some studies suggest that cannabis overuse is linked with it.

Does The Strain of Cannabis Matter?

The expert community does not unify when it comes to varying strains, rather advising to focus on dosage levels and methods of using cannabis. Some speculate the real magic lies in the terpenes when it comes to defining the effects of each strain. Terpenes are compounds found in plants that are responsible for the aroma and flavour. Terpenes impact the effects of cannabis; we just don’t know how greatly yet.

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Cannabis effects everyone differently. While it can be a great addition to your sex life, it’s best to control your expectations, experiment and find what works well for you and your partner. If you’re not ready to smoke before doing the business, consider investing in some topical THC lube, instead. It won’t get you high, but it’ll excite the areas that matter!



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