Black Friday Weed Deals 2021

Best Black Friday Dispensary Deals in Toronto & Canada. Big discounts on Ounce Bags, Edibles, Concentrates, CBD & Weed. Get up to 40% Off!

Quadzilla Black Friday Dispensary Deals are Live.

Additional Sales To Be Added All Week Long till Cyber Monday

  • 10% OFF Ounce Bags – Code: 10-OZ
  • 20% OFF All Flower Cans – Code: 20-EFC
  • 20% OFF All Edibles – Code: 20-EFC
  • 20% OFF All Concentrates – Code: 20-EFC
  • 30% OFF All CBD – Code: 30-CBD

30% Off All CBD

Use Code 30-CBD

20% Off All Flower Cans

Use Code 20-EFC

20% Off All Edibles

Use Code 20-EFC

20% Off All Concentrates

Use Code 20-EFC

10% Off All Ounce Bags

Use Code 10-OZ

Bonus Black Friday Sales

Bonus Discounts – use Code BONUS at checkout

Get Secret Stawnana for 40% Off!



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